Sunday, February 7, 2016

Honda Civic GX NGV Named 'Greenest Vehicle' By American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy

The Civic GX is Honda's natural gas vehicle. The zero-emission and fuel efficient vehicle has consistently been noticed and awarded for its economy friendliness. This year the Honda natural gas vehicle impresses again and has been named the 'Greenest Vehicle' by the American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy for the seventh year in a row. The title seems fitting for a Honda vehicle, especially since Honda has consistently received the Greenest Automaker award.

The Civic GX offers a sporty exterior with a bold appearance. It is inscribed with the ever so important NGV (natural gas vehicle) letters on its side. The advanced technology partial zero-emission vehicle has met super-ultra-low-emission standards, has zero evaporative emissions and includes advanced technology components. The Civic receives an impressive 24 mpg city and 36 mpg highway with its 1.8 liter 16-valve i-Vtec engine paired with a five speed automatic transmission. Nothing but clean gas powers the efficient Civic GX.

The sedan is equally appealing on the inside. The cabin combines both comfort and convenience. The controls are well placed and there is ample space. The cockpit features quality materials and easily accessible design. The Civic is also equipped with a sound system with MP3 capability.

Honda is committed to making safe vehicles and the Honda Civic GX is no exception. The vehicle underwent extensive research in safety design before it was introduced. Daytime running lights help enhance visibility, anti-lock brakes help maintain steering during hard and abrupt stops, and the electronic brake distribution system balances the braking forces and helps the driver maintain steering control during heavy braking situations. In addition, the Civic GX comes standard with front, front-side and side curtain airbags, as well as active head restraints.

Honda is consistently an environmental leader in the automotive industry. The automaker has been honored as the Greenest Automaker by the Union of Concerned Scientists for the fifth time in a row. In addition, the Natural Gas Vehicle has its own green vehicle legacy.

For the seventh year in a row, the Honda Civic GX NGV has been named the 'Greenest Vehicle' by the American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy (ACEE). ACEE is a nonprofit organization dedicated to environmental protection. Every year the organization puts together a list of the greenest vehicles of the current model year.

The car beat out its top competitors and also three other Honda models to be named ACEE's number one green vehicle. To gain the top position, the Honda Civic GX received the highest cumulated green ranking. A number of factors were taken into consideration to choose the winner, including specifications, emission standard, city and highway mpg and overall green score.

Energy Efficiency - Bicycles Are An Energy Efficient Transportation Choice

In the United States, we live in an automobile based culture. Many people don't think twice about driving their vehicle short distances to run errands - a mile here, a mile there. What many people don't realize or choose to ignore is that driving alone is one of the least climate-friendly forms of transportation.

Driving Alone

How bad is driving alone relative to other forms of transportation? According to the Sightline Institute with a single driver, you can expect an average of:

1.57 lbs of CO2/Mile in a "Sport Utility Vehicle" (15 MPG)
1.10 lbs of CO2/Mile in an "Average car" (21.5 MPG)
0.59 lbs of CO2/Mile in an "Economy car" (40 MPG)

Obviously filling your vehicle to capacity helps, just consider this:

0.37 lbs of CO2/Mile in an "Average car" (21.5 MPG) when Carpooling with three people

While filling to capacity can help for short errands it isn't always an option. So what can you do?

Riding a Bicycle

Riding a bicycle isn't just good for the environment with a net 0 lbs of CO2/Mile, but it's good for you too. Short errands are just one of many uses you'll find for your bicycle - once you start riding again. While you may miss your trunk space at first a quality bicycle grocery bag, panniers or even a basket can reduce this stress. Which one you choose is up to you based on your own personal needs but for the average grocery hauler I would recommend one the following three products:

If you expect to be hauling lighter loads then you may be a good candidate for a removable handlebar mounted basket - these can often double as a "reusable shopping bag" too.

How Energy Efficient is a Bicycle?

Did you know calories are actually a unit of measurement for the amount of energy that your body can extract from foods . With many new biofuel technologies available today, many of the foods we eat can also be converted into fuel for our vehicles.

According to World Watch Magazine the average automobile burns 1,860 calories per mile per passenger. How does that compare to the average bicycle? The average bicycle and rider burns 35 calories per mile.

Why are bicycles so much more efficient? The key to the energy efficiency of the bicycle is simple - a bicycle and rider are extremely light compared the average car. In a 2 ton vehicle with a 170 lbs driver the driver is only 4% of the total weight. On a heavier 30 lbs bicycle that same driver will be 85% of the total weight. In a vehicle 96% of the energy used each mile is used moving the vehicle itself - not the drive. On a bicycle only 15% of the energy used moving the bicycle itself.

Bicycles are so efficient in fact that under the right conditions a rider can ride faster then a cheetah. In 2002, Canadian rider Sam Whittingham reached 81 mph using a recumbent bike called the Varna Diablo II. That is 11 mph faster than a cheetah which over short distances can attain a top speed of 70 mph.

It's often said you never forget how to ride a bike so why not take advantage it. Riding a bike is not only one of the most energy efficient modes of transportation, it is also one of the most relatively inexpensive. Do you part to fight global warming by taking your bicycle out for a ride.

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Is It Possible to Use Water As Car Fuel?

There are abounding rumors getting said that you can run an centralized agitation engine (ICE) application baptize as car fuel. The accuracy is that this is not possible. However baptize can be acclimated to transform it from its atomic accompaniment to actualize hydroxy gas. Hydroxy gas, aswell accepted as oxyhydrogen gas, consists of a admixture of hydrogen and oxygen gases in a molar arrangement of two locations hydrogen and one allotment of oxygen.

This oxyhydrogen gas can be acclimated as a added ammunition to advice the agitation action of the engine's accustomed fuel, gasoline or diesel. The best way to accept this is to artlessly accept this to be a ammunition additive, which in actuality it is. The alone aberration is that the hydroxy gas is not added manually during a appointment to the gas station, but is getting automatically added and produced while the engine is running.

The History of Oxyhydrogen Gas

One action which can be acclimated to aftermath oxyhydrogen gas from baptize is alleged the "Water Electrolysis" process, which was apparent a continued time ago, about the 1970's by Professor Yull Brown. This baptize electrolysis assumption still holds accurate today and is acclimated in all HHO generators. In actuality the byword "water as car fuel" apparently came into ability about 1990, afterwards Stanley Meyer managed to ability his dune buggy by application alone baptize as fuel. He activated for a apparent for his dielectric beating ambit arrangement of bearing oxyhydrogen ammunition gas. The apparent amount for his arrangement was 4,936,961. Unfortunately he died and cipher has anytime approved proving that his arrangement absolutely works. If that was the case, we would be in fact be active our engines on baptize only.

Oxyhydrogen Gas Production Through the Baptize Electrolysis Principle

Water is fabricated up of two locations hydrogen and one allotment oxygen, which in accurate agreement is labeled as H2O. Application a accepted accession calm with some agitator to alpha the electrical charge, the baptize molecules can be afar from anniversary other, basic abstracted hydrogen and oxygen atoms on anniversary electrical terminal.

Description of the Baptize Electrolysis System

Two metal plates are absorbed in the electrolyte solution, which consists of a catalyst, like baking soda adulterated in water. Pure water, afterwards any asleep attenuated debris like chloride, aluminum cations and phosphate anions, just to name a few, is accurate to be a actual bad electrical conductor. This is why a agitator is added to distilled water, so it can in fact become conductive abundant to anatomy a bankrupt bend ambit amid the absolute and abrogating metal poles.

The absolute bowl is alleged the "Anode" while the abrogating bowl is alleged the "Cathode." Electrical accepted flows from the cathode acquisition hydrogen in the action and moves in the administration of the anode, through the electrolyte. Oxygen is aggregate on the anode plate. The anode bowl has a addiction to burn and bite because of the acknowledgment with oxygen.

On assertive HHO generators, mainly the wet HHO corpuscle blazon systems, the anode has to be bankrupt periodically and will charge to be afflicted if too abundant bane is present on the plate. If the breakable anode bowl is not kept apple-pie it will ultimately breach the ambit breeze and will eventually calefaction up the electrolyte and draft the assurance fuse.

There are mainly two blazon of HHO generators which are the wet HHO corpuscle architecture and the dry HHO corpuscle design. For added advice about these differences you can apprehend the Ezine commodity titled: "What Is the Aberration of a Dry HHO Corpuscle Vs a Wet HHO Cell."

Water As Car Ammunition Benefits

Using added hydroxy gas with the vehicle's primary antecedent of ammunition has abounding advantages both to ambiance and to the engine itself.

The hydroxy gas starts as baptize and finishes the cycle, afterwards getting burned, as beef aerosol through the tailpipe - in added words it becomes baptize again. The hydroxy gas aswell minimizes the carbon agreeable of the engine because the ammunition is getting austere completely

There is no carbon accession central the engine as the hydroxygen gas "steam cleans" the engine already it is austere absolutely through hot steam, which is a resultant of the hydroxy gas's afire process

There is beneath engine abrasion as the engine has no carbon agreeable acting as "grinding paste" on any sliding or rotational components

The engine's accustomed active temperature is acknowledgment if hydroxy gas is present, which leads to beneath abrasion and beneath calefaction stresses on the engine and the apparatus Increase in ability due to primary ammunition getting austere absolutely in the cycle

Engine can run on a bacteria mix of primary fuel; gasoline or diesel

Engine oil does not charge to be afflicted so frequently because about no carbon is captured by the oil (blackening) and the accustomed engine active temperature is bargain by about 10%, acceptation the actinic oil anatomy can usually yield added active cycles afterwards breaking down

Engine tends to run smoother because there is no adverse carbon accession and the oil charcoal at its optimal operating achievement for best periods

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Why Buy A Hybrid Car

If you are a part of the abounding added auto owners who are advancing to the cessation that auto bankrupt is accidental to the phenomena of all-around warming, again you ability ambition to accede purchasing a one of these little powerhouses. But there are abounding added affidavit why humans ability ambition to acquirement a amalgam even admitting they are decidedly added big-ticket than cars with acceptable agitation engines.

Hybrids are altered from cars with agitation engines because they accept two motors. The aboriginal is an electric motor, the additional is an engine powered alone by gasoline. They aswell accept been able with a appropriate arrangement that is able to abduction the balance activity which is generated if the car's brakes are applied. They are able of autumn this balance activity in a battery.

Most humans are aggressive to the abstraction of purchasing a car that contains two motors because they anguish that it will breach down alert as abounding times as a car with just one motor. This is a difficult catechism for a lot of auto experts to answer. A car with two motors absolutely has its absolute and abrogating features. The better absolute affection is that hybrids crave no activity if they are dabbling in cartage at a red ablaze or while cat-and-mouse for a alternation to pass. They artlessly shut down. They aswell crave beneath activity than agitation engine automobiles if active at lower speeds. This agency that if you acquisition yourself in stop and go traffic, your auto will not afford bankrupt because it will be active alone on array power. If travelling at college speeds, the gas engine will activate to operate. The engine powered by gasoline is the one that accuse the battery.

People who drive cars which are powered alone by electricity accept begin themselves abandoned on the ancillary of the alley artlessly because they did not accept an addendum bond handy. A amalgam will never allegation an electrical charge. It will consistently be accessible to go whenever you are!

Owning a amalgam car is not an bargain proposition. Installing two motors and a accumulator arrangement for the array is expensive. Because the operating systems in amalgam cars are adequately complex, hybrids crave actual adult centralized computers. Thus, if you own a amalgam car you can apprehend college adjustment bills if it has to go in for service. This is offset, however, by the lower circadian operating cost. Hybrids are the a lot of able automobiles accessible in the mass-market today. They can get as abundant as 60 mpg which is actual acceptable gas mileage.

The alone acumen that hybrids accept not become added accepted is because a lot of North American auto owners are acutely afraid to abandon their fast cars. But if you catechism any buyer of a amalgam car, they will a lot of acceptable acquaint you that any accident in acceleration is fabricated up for in ability in gas mileage. They apperceive that even the aboriginal accumulation in ammunition abridgement will add years to the activity of their car's life.

As a lot of humans know, the Japanese auto industry is way advanced of the US industry in accomplishment hybrids. Despite the top amount of gasoline, American drivers are still adamantly committed to their inefficient SUVs. This mentality may be starting to change itself, though. Ford has afresh brought out its Escape which is a amalgam SUV. This car is rapidly acceptable actual accepted with auto buyers beyond the United States.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Keep On Trucking With Natural Gas

Electric cars and hybrids get all the media coverage.

Lots of humans accept taken the amalgam plunge, purchasing a Prius, Ford Escape or a amount of added models that brace array ability with a baby gas engine to aerate gas mileage. And electric cars accept captured the acuteness of a nation absorbed in cleaner air admitting the actuality that their abidingness in the customer pantheon charcoal to be seen.

But what's the abeyant of a accustomed gas-powered car? America would assume to acknowledgment with a aggregate yawn.

There is an alternative

Does it amount that this country acceptable has abundant accustomed gas to ample every individual commuter's catchbasin for decades? It should. The U.S. Activity Information Administration lists some 35.4 abundance cubic anxiety of accustomed gas in Alaska's North Slope. And analysts at the Abeyant Gas Committee say that if they amalgamate their allegation with that of the EIA, they accept U.S. accustomed gas affluence to be a approaching accumulation of 2,174 abundance cubic feet.

That's an estimated 100-year supply.

And why should we care? There are a amount of reasons. Admiral Ronald Reagan put it this way: "Energy ability is the best alertness America can accomplish for the future."

Another is air quality.

Cutting emissions

Exhaust emissions from CNG cars are cleaner than their gasoline- or diesel-burning compatriots.

Natural Gas Cars for America says the alone assembly accustomed gas-powered commuter car, the Honda Civic CNG, produces 95 percent beneath emissions of non-methane hydrocarbons, and 75 percent beneath emissions of nitrogen oxides than its gasoline counterpart. The EPA ante it as the cleanest internal-combustion car on the market.

Imagine this contrast: Stand abaft a city-limits bus that assault by afire diesel. The effluvium can be noxious. CNG or LNG buses on the added duke accept none of the charcoal and are abundant beneath acceptable to could cause riders to authority their animation until they about-face blue.

Finding opportunity

Companies are alpha to see opportunity, abnormally back the EIA says the fuel, on average, costs 42 percent beneath than agent ammunition on an activity agnate base and is accepted to amount 50 percent beneath by 2035.

A Belmont, Mass.-based aggregation has developed a bound ammunition arrangement for able agent trucks that allows them bake up to 80 percent accustomed gas.

"Because abundant trucks use so abundant agent and there is such a affecting amount cogwheel amid agent and accustomed gas, the systems will pay for themselves in alone about 12 months of archetypal use," says Doug Thomson, a aggregation carnality president, in an email.

Thomson says the capital hurdle is that his aggregation has to accredit the emissions for anniversary ancestors of engines. He says the aggregation is alive its way through the action with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the California Air Resources Board. He says the emissions are "definitely better... but for now we are focused on just assuming off the operating amount savings."

Range is not a problem

And for the accepted delusion that CNG trucks accept bound range? Thomson says with new ample tanks and his company's technology, "that's no best a problem."

The another will not end the alarming altitude abating accession of carbon-dioxide in the atmosphere, but it does accommodate an bargain and cleaner another while innovators plan the kinks out of added activity supply systems. It's acutely not the a lot of accepted on Wall Street, but it's got a attempt and should accept a abode in the mix.

Fleets traveling natural

Municipalities, baby governments and accessible entities are absolutely paying attention.

Fresno, Calif., which is my close of the woods, is on board. The city-limits has 66 buses that run on CNG, four trollies, nine ablaze assignment trucks, eight artery sweepers and a agglomeration more.

City admiral adopted "Operation Apple-pie Air" in 2003 with added counties, cities, businesses and nonprofits in the region. Fresno continues to amend its fleets. The action is committed to convalescent air superior in the San Joaquin Valley, which ranks abreast the top for affliction air abuse in the United States.

Perhaps the accomplished contour West Coast move to apple-pie trucking has been at the Anchorage of Los Angeles, which estimates it has bargain emissions 80 percent compared with 2007 boilerplate air emissions data. Anchorage admiral say that as of January 2012, 100 percent of the "cargo aboideau moves" at anchorage terminals are fabricated with trucks affair EPA apple-pie barter standards. Abounding of those trucks use abounding accustomed gas or aeroembolism accustomed gas.

Sharing the highways

Natural Gas Cars for America letters that there are about 112,000 natural-gas cars on U.S. anchorage and added than 13 actor worldwide. However, there are alone about 1,000 calm fueling stations with about bisected accessible to the public.

About 30 altered manufacturers in this country aftermath 100 models of light, boilerplate and able cars and engines, according to Accustomed Gas Vehicles. The alignment says industry abstracts shows that accustomed gas captivated by cars "nearly angled amid 2003 and 2009."

And appeal is growing, abnormally from bus fleets, at airports and in clandestine fleets.

The EIA shows almost abiding accustomed gas prices admitting contempo account draw downs that acicular prices. "Natural gas alive inventories abide to set new almanac melancholia highs and concluded January 2012 at an estimated 2.86 abundance cubic feet, about 24 percent aloft the aforementioned time endure year," EIA analysts write.

Carving out a customer market

Despite inroads, accepting of the ammunition by the boilerplate customer faces an acclivous battle.

For instance, offers on its home page a card that says "car types."

The photo-heavy drop-down offers the latest account on hybrids, electrics, apple-pie diesels and ammunition beef with a added specific array off to the appropriate conduct down into posts about Chevy's Volt, Nissan's Leaf, Tesla's Roadster and Toyota's Prius.

Nothing on accustomed gas. Of course, I'm just apropos to the card listings and not the coverage. Writer John Voelcker offers some of the best blooming car advantage on the web, and his section on the Honda CNG is a abundant backgrounder on the alone assembly accustomed gas car offered in the country. The page architecture reflects interest.

Honda enters the fray

Yet, the Civic CNG, which just accustomed its civic rollout in backward 2011, may change some minds. James R. Healey of USA Today gave one a analysis drive and debates its the pros and cons. He says the capital downside is amount (at $26,925 still cheaper than a Volt, Leaf or boilerplate hybrid) and award a fueling station.

"Heroic cuts in emissions and ammunition costs, but too big-ticket and too abounding compromises for a lot of people," Healey writes.

Maybe that will change. Gas prices are accepted to ascend and possibly breach some annal this summer.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Go Green The Bucket Truck Way!

Protecting the ambiance is one of the important common responsibilities too generally neglected. For the accomplished several years, ample companies accept been alleged aloft to become added acquainted of the botheration of all-around abating and the abatement in non-renewable activity sources such as awkward oil. The furnishings of the common appulse of altitude change are getting acquainted in assertive locations of the United States in the anatomy of ascent atmospheric temperatures - and that could be the aftereffect of too abounding chemicals in the air.

Carbon Emission Problems

Air abuse appears to be causing accident to the ambiance as able-bodied as added active organisms. The attendance of chemicals in the air, such as carbon dioxide, is mainly the aftereffect of animal activities. Extensive analysis has apparent that the above antecedent of this gas in the air is due to centralized engine combustion. While carbon dioxide is capital for bulb life, too abundant of it can accord to all-around warming.

Hybrid Brazier Trucks

Many account companies are alpha to acquirement amalgam brazier trucks. This accomplishment on the allotment of these businesses is aimed at attention the ambiance by abbreviation carbon emissions during the operation of this equipment. The addition of the amalgam brazier barter to the bazaar is in acknowledgment to the growing appeal of account companies searching for "green" solutions for their agile of aggregation vehicles. This amalgam technology is not just addition alternative; it is an absolute band-aid to advice abate all-around warming. Application activity added than non-renewable ammunition to run abundant accessories abundantly reduces the brand that carbon dioxide leaves on the ambiance and is a huge footfall for businesses that are aptitude appear traveling in the "green" direction.

Improved Technology

Hybrid technology has acquired acceptance with account companies who are afraid to accord to advance of the environment. Companies that accept gone this avenue accept aswell apparent that their accomplishment to advice the atmosphere does not accept to appear at the cede of the abundance begin in the technology of a "normal" brazier truck. In fact, absolutely the adverse is true.

According to manufacturers, a amalgam car is added than a adapted brazier truck; it is in fact an improvement. Compared to the approved aeriform lift, a lot of of the bazaar is adequate the optimal ability that is allotment of a amalgam brazier truck. Operators can use the lift after annoying about abiding idling; this can aswell annihilate a abundant accord of the babble of a agent engine active while operating this vehicle.

Another abundant affection of this amalgam barter is its avant-garde system. When the car arrives at the plan site, the abettor can about-face off the engine and the bang can again be operated through its array pack. When the array ability akin runs low, the arrangement automatically restarts the engine to ability the brazier as able-bodied as recharge the battery.

The array backpack can in fact be recharged in two ways: by active it into a accustomed ability antecedent brief which recharges the array to sustain it for an absolute day of operation; and through the engine which allows the array to be recharged while the car is running.

Future Impacts

Through amalgam technology, companies can acquaintance the allowances of a reliable, safe and cost-effective brazier truck. This science abundantly reduces the all-embracing operating costs for the aggregation which decreases the assurance on adopted oil. It aswell improves the action of the ambiance by bearing cleaner emissions.

Purchasing brazier trucks that are able with amalgam technology is one way for account companies to authenticate their admiration to advance the furnishings of all-around abating and advice actualize a bigger environment. The action of high-profile account companies in application amalgam brazier trucks is a above footfall in influencing added businesses to advance and use accessories that uses apple-pie activity and to go blooming the brazier barter way!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

The Best Fuel Efficient Used Cars

Used automobiles are acceptable added and added of a accepted best a part of drivers who do not crave new and agleam cars to get them from one destination to another. Added generally than not, these owners are usually acquainted about their banking decisions, and accordingly would adulation to added save money on ammunition burning by purchasing buzz cars that are aswell ammunition efficient. To advice you acquisition that absolute ride, actuality are three of the best ones accessible in the market.

Although it was bogus about twenty years ago, there is no abstinent the believability and acumen the 1994 Mazda 323 brings to its owner. A adolescent of one of the better Japanese powerhouses in the automotive market, the 323 is acclaimed for its aberrant achievement on road-handling. Its abundant administration allows the disciplinarian to get abundant maneuverability out of the vehicle, and appropriately accepting a bland and acceptable active experience. Viewing the 323 from the outside, drivers would be advance to accept that with its baby build, the car would be absolutely awkward on the inside, but demography a attending in, they will see that it in fact houses a ample foreground commuter area. This Mazda currently sells at about $900.

As the adolescent of the affluence cast of one of the big Japanese companies-Honda-the 1993 Acura Integra does not abort its buyer by not alone accouterment them with absorbing ammunition efficiency, but aswell the on-road achievement aces of a admirable sports vehicle. One of the abounding delights of the Integra, therefore, lies in its accelerated dispatch and accompanying with one of the a lot of acute assurance systems a car should have, the anti-lock anchor system, it aswell provides abundant aegis to both drivers and passengers. Although it is an even earlier archetypal than the 323, the Integra still sports the glassy and apple-pie attending alike with a adventurous and comfortable automobile. Expect prices to be from the ambit of $600 to$1,700.

Manufactured beneath General Motor's aberrant brand, Buick, it is little admiration that the 1996 Buick LeSabre has remained a admired even to this day. Far from alone getting a adorableness on the alfresco with its bland and glassy looks, the LeSabre aswell offers its disciplinarian a acceptable active acquaintance with an aberrant automated manual performance. Its dispatch is aswell able-bodied accustomed a part of abounding drivers, as able-bodied as its ample commuter and burden areas. Despite its speed, the LeSabre has aswell banned to atone assurance by accouterment an anti-lock braking system. This Buick is about awash about the amount ambit of $700 to $2,500.

Demands of acclimated automobiles that are of acceptable superior and possesses acceptable ammunition burning is on the rise, and although the antagonism is tough, these three cars yield authority of their positions a part of the best accessible in the accepted market.